Yeezy 500

How to Spot Fake Yeezy

The buzz around Kanye West and Adidas’ new iteration in the Yeezy series, which came in a reflective and non-reflective color style, was a massive hit, selling out immediately.

With this excitement, though, it also brought a great appeal from fake fabricators seeking to make a fast buck. We’ve put together a guide to help inform people around the growing fake business. This article also discusses how to differentiate between fake and real Yeezys.


8 questions to ask yourself when buying ideal Yeezy shoes

Choosing a Yeezy pair of shoes can be tricky, with the many fake products in the market today. To help buyers avoid the trap of most fake shoe producers, we’ve compiled a complete list of questions and factors to consider to avoid buying fake Yeezys. Ask yourself these questions when choosing your next pair of shoes… and if you review each of them, be sure, you won’t regret your purchase!

Have you inspected the Wave Pattern?


You can know if Yeezy 350 is fake by trying it out at the end. The Yeezy Boost 350 is, however, a special wave sequence. To know whether Yeezys are fake, search for the odd pattern of wave prints of different sizes running horizontally on actual models. In this case, the false ones are featuring a top to bottom.

How is the material?

The material on legit Yeezys is softer.

The foremost aspect you need to concentrate on is the shoes’ leather. The manufacturers produce bootlegs, they are not using the original content. The synthetic is better on the actual Yeezy, so it seems more robust.

The trainers are made using Adidas’ Boost technology which is a shoe sole cushioning device. The raising material varies on official Yeezy shoes from pair to pair.

Do they smell?

We all know the fresh shoe scent, as sneakerheads.

False Yeezy Boost 350 v2s usually appear to have a very heavy chemical scent that is somewhat distinct from the real pairs. Before they are published, precaution is taken in the Adidas factories to eliminate any unhealthy odors. This is not the same however, in imitation factories. When it comes to false vs. genuine Yeezys, one of the best clues is the scent check.

How are details on the heels?


Fake Yeezy Shoes: A Yeezy’s heel is full of intricate information. Make sure you research the specifics of the red box stitching on the heel tab with respect. The stitched square portion of the tab would have 5 stitches, while the rectangular section should have 9 stitches.

You will be able to say whether Yeezys is fake by testing how the tab on the heel is positioned. It would be 1 cm away from the heel’s collar but in fakes, it leaves a wide gap behind the tab a ton higher.

How are the outer soles?

This is a really critical thing that the false builders get wrong and it’s on the outer soles. This is a flower-like embossment on the bottom of the Yeezys at a white section. All shoes may have designs that are circular and textured throughout them. One way you might tell if they’re fake is that when handled, the real ones will have a gentle velvety texture, whereas the fakes will texture really solid and intense.

How are the inner soles?

True vs. False Yeezy: The inner soles are labeled with a badge and Nike brand name and are reversible. The false creators typically use white ink to imitate the actual ones ‘grey-toned paint. You may also note that the upper and inner sole is of the same content.

Here’s how to say which Yeezys are fake utilizing internal soles. Sewn into the soles of fakes are cheap-looking white materials. For real Yeezys, when put next to each other, the icons and company names on both the inner and outer soles will appear reversed like mirror images.

Can you see the Logo on the side of the shoe?


Not yet explicit about how to say if Yeezys is fake? Ok, here’s a little tip; the YZY stamp and the Adidas mark are on the inner sides of every very Yeezy set.

Such two parts will be on a suede-like surface and are to be placed in the middle. The mark and stamp are typically not at the middle on fakes, though, and are achieved in wider fonts than those seen on the originals.

Be precise regarding the texture of the side panels. Watch alert. In reality, they should have a soft lush look to them unless they are false!

Did you check the middle stitching?


Legit Check: There’s dense stitching information in the center of the shoe which will extend straight down to the outside sole so you can feel it with your fingertips. Just below the edge of the outer sole is where this stops. This is how to know if Yeezys is false.

Fake vs. Real

Despite Kanye West and Nike launching new Yeezys every year, people are seeking to make a fortune from making fake sneakers. Have an eye out for the styles, colors, and scent of each pair to ensure you get the real thing and don’t waste money on a fake pair. This might make finding a fake Yeezys pair a straightforward.